Women's Fellowship Groups

The DWF purpose is to provide opportunities for spiritual growth, enrichment, education and creative ministries to enable women to develop a sense of personal responsibility for the whole mission of the church of Jesus Christ and to provide a channel through which women in the congregation and the regional Women’s Ministries in the US and Canada may be joined in fellowship and find means for effective participation in the Christian Church (DOC).

Projects / Offerings

DWF gives financial support to the total work of the church. The Disciples Mission Fund aids home, foreign missions and social assistance centers, as well as promotes fellowship, education, growth and leadership of its members. 

Throughout the year, women of the DWF count their blessings in a very tangible way through offerings to a Blessing Box. This offering supports church missions and women’s ministries globally. Decorated boxes are available for purchase to be used for daily individual offerings that members can make on their own or according to suggestions on the Blessing Box Calendar. The offerings are collected in March and presented at the Kansas DWF Spirit Fest each spring. 

DWF makes yearly contributions to Disciples of Christ affiliated organizations that help children, the disabled and elderly. Currently we support Woodhaven Learning Center, Columbia, Missouri; Tennyson Center for Children and Families at Colorado Christian Home, Denver, Colorado; and the Kansas Christian Home, Newton, Kansas. 

Locally, every month one DWF group collects and donates much needed supplies and monetary contributions to the Manhattan Emergency Shelter. In addition, we support the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund that benefits the Flinthills Breadbasket. Recently at Christmas, we have worked with the area SRS office to adopt teens who’ve aged out of the foster care system and are in need of basic household items. 

To support its mission giving, DWF, with support from the entire church, participates in the Annual Pumpkin Patch Arts and Craft Show held at CiCo Park each fall. The show is sponsored by the Mercy Regional Health Center Auxiliary. Our DWF sells homemade baked goods, jellies, candies and other tasty treats.

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