Kansas State University - Manhattan, Kansas


CrossRoads is a student group of Kansas State University that encourages students to explore their spiritual beliefs through fellowship, study, and service.  Their meeting place, a building on the west side of campus, is also named CrossRoads.

CrossRoads: an intersection where personal faith and social witness, Midwestern and International culture, Christianity and other world religions, scientific and religious world views, liberal and conservative theologies meet as students seek to explore, discover, belong, and serve.  

Their Mission Statement

The mission of the CrossRoads at Kansas State University is to invite both religious and non-religious young adults in the university community to engage the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Their Goals

In doing so we will offer a hospitable environment where young adults can:

Explore at the "Gate".  Since ancient times people have gathered at the gate - to the temple, the city, and the market - to discuss the important theological, economic, political, and social issues of the day.  If you are looking for a modern-day gathering place for uninhibited, intelligent conversation, come to CrossRoads.

Discover at the "Well".  Encounters with the divine at the well are often associated with the healing of mind, body, and spirit.  Integrating our faith and values with our actions, and finding a sense of purpose, direction and meaning for our lives is an important part of becoming a whole person.  If you yearn to live in peace with God, self, and others, come to CrossRoads.

Belong at the "Table".  Table fellowship, that is, sharing the stories of our lives while sharing food with others, has always been a fundamental building block of human community.  If practicing hospitality is important to you, come to CrossRoads.

Serve even 'the least of these'.  Servant leadership has always been a hallmark of the Christian life.  If you are interested in participating with a group of persons who love to help others and are learning to lead by example, come to CrossRoads.

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