Manhattan, Kansas




FCC is dedicated to missions. One of our local missions is to uphold social justice. One way we do that is to give meeting space to a support group for depression and bipolar mental health: Flint Hills Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA). The new Flint Hills DBSA color brochure is available on the shelf in the church lobby.


Flint Hills DBSA started in 1993 with seven people and has grown to over 50 members. Meetings are held twice a month and vary in format from an informational film to a guest presentation. Almost every other meeting is for “caring and sharing.”  Occasionally, there is a social event like a summer picnic or pizza party. There is no charge for being a group member.


DBSA Flint Hills is able to offer books and informational material about bipolar disorder, depression, medications and other subjects on a library type loan arrangement.  DBSA Flint Hills is affiliated with the National Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. Additional information is available on their web site:


This group is for anyone who wants to know more about these mental health topics. Friends and relatives, as well as those with these disorders, are welcome.


1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month

6:30 p.m.

First Christian Church (Fellowship Hall)

5th & Humboldt


To visit with a local group member, or schedule an informational speaker for your group, call Ann Foster,  785-776-1332 or John Jagger, 785-236-2366.