Our Foundational Belief:

We believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, and we proclaim Him Lord and Savior of the world.  We strive to be His disciples.

Our Mission Statement:

We are called to witness to all humankind with a spiritual vitality that embraces inclusiveness and Christ-like justice.  Therefore, we seek to be a community that reaches in to one another, reaches up to God, and reaches out to the world with the love of Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values:


We provide a place where the constancy of God's love and the compassion of Christ are expressed.


We care for those who have no relationship with God.


We are a place for healing and comfort.


We work for justice for all God's people.


We dispel isolation and alienation by celebrating diversity and the inclusivity of Christ's love.


We serve God and others through the use of our spiritual gifts.


We grow in Christ through the spiritual habits of prayer, scripture reading, small group interaction, and the stewardship of our resources.


We share the stories of our faith and our spiritual journeys.


We support and nurture Christian growth of children, youth, and adults.


We embrace different expressions of worship.


We utilize an effective organizational structure that empowers individual and corporate ministries.